Polypropylene pools

We specialise in production and construction of pools made of plastics. The applied polypropylene provides excellent gloss, hardness and is resistant to the destructive impact of environmental and chemical factors. It is also highly resistant to devastation. It allows for constructing swimming pools of any shape and dimensions, which allows for the investor to actively participate in creating their individual and unique design.

One should also note that this material tends to be used to build containers for the chemical industry e.g. intended for concentrated sulphuric acid.

The PP panel technology allows for making and mounting a pool in the investment site - in unused technical rooms (boiler room, garage, basement etc.). An average size swimming pool in adapted premises can be built within 2-3 months. A swimming pool in an existing hotel, guesthouse or in a newly built facility should be completed in a short time, at low reconstruction costs and high engineering culture. PP perfectly meets these conditions, guaranteeing a low investment to quality ratio. The photos below show the construction stage of a swimming pool in an old boiler room. The shape of the pool is quite complicated.


We use 5 mm thick panels, dyed in bulk, resistant to UV radiation and the majority of aggressive chemicals. The entire construction is additionally strengthened with ribs. Depending on the shape, dimensions and the installation place, the swimming pool pitch is delivered as a hole or in parts. The construction does not require any complicated or advanced digging. It is founded on a reinforced concrete slab and then the walls are built of concrete. At laying the concrete, the stay-in place formwork makes the supporting structure of the pool pitch and also acts as the pool finish.


Liner pools
Construction of liner pool requires an appropriate preparation of the pool pitch. It is most commonly made of concrete blocks (at large dimensions or varied depth a concrete pool pitch is recommended). Maintaining a smooth and even surface of the walls and bottom is of particular importance. Thus levelling mixtures shall be used. Prior to laying the foil, the pool pitch is lined with non-woven geotextile. Laying and welding the foil makes the last stage of the pool construction. We use 1.5 mm thick DLW or ARKOPLAN foil. The foils are available in a wide range of colours.


Ceramic pools

Ceramic pools make the most time- and cost-consuming kind of pools. A monolith pitch of reinforced concrete is prepared first. To ensure the pitch tightness relevant sealing mixtures are used. Prior to laying the tiles or mosaics, the pitch hardness must be sufficient. With regard to the above it is recommended to allow for the pitch to dry for at least 6 months.

Only materials intended for pools (tiles, mosaics, construction chemicals) are acceptable.

In our climate, swimming pools should rather be of a roofed kind.





Pool technology accessories

A swimming pool does not only mean the pool pitch but also pool technology accessories necessary for the entire system to work. The range of products we offer includes:

  • controllers
  • pool pumps
  • sand filters (for private and public pools)
  • dispensers of chemicals
  • water attractions
  • lighting system
  • vacuum cleaners
  • UV lamps
  • heat exchangers
  • many other accessories


You can find the full range of pool technology accessories (over 2000 items) in our catalogue we can send in an electronic form. You can make a request using the contact form.


Pool covers

We offer a sliding roofing system made of aluminium sections filled with transparent or coloured polycarbonate. The roofing consists of a system of segments moving in both directions that can be telescopically slid to the pool side. The construction protects against water pollution, unfavourable environmental conditions and water cooling at night but also heats the water due to accumulation of solar heat under the roof and thus extends the swimming season. The roofing mobility allows for enjoying the advantages of an open swimming pool on hot and sunny days. Sliding doors can be placed in the sides of the extreme segments as an alternative for doors in the front walls. A special tilting sill can facilitate sliding the roof above the ladder or higher pool rim.

Our range covers different types and models of roofing in relevant sizes. On request we can send a catalogue and a price list in an electronic form. Please make a request using the contact form.


Humidity, a sense of discomfort, steamed windows, corrosion of materials and walls damp with mould make some of the problems a swimming pool user has to face.

What should we do to make a swimming pool a source of pleasure and joy all year round? The answer is simple: install a suitable device for maintaining the pool hall ambience. What is required from the pool air treatment devices?

  • humidity control
  • energy recovery
  • water heating in the pool
  • air heating
  • central control

The devices from the British Calorex we represent solve all of these problems. For over 20 Calorex has been designing and producing equipment intended for drying, heat recovery and conditioning of swimming pools. Thousands of devices from Calorex have been installed all over the world, including Poland. Regardless of the pool size - whether it is a small private pool or a large facility with a complex of pools - we can recommend appropriate devices that will ensure pleasant ambience in the pool hall. A high coefficient of energy recovery guarantees a quick return on investment and low pool maintenance costs.

The offer includes:

  • standalone and hanging DH driers
  • VARIHEAT central ventilation units
  • DELTA central ventilation units
  • HRD systems

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