We provide comprehensive supplies of plastic tanks. The service covers the design, making and mounting. We can also make the tanks on site, in the existing rooms, with no need to remove the roof or prepare mounting holes in the case of large-size tanks that cannot be delivered as a whole.


  • polypropylene homopolymer (PPH), polypropylene copolymer (PPC)
  • polyethylene: HDPE
Types of panels:
  • rolled
  • foamed
  • foamed with ribs
  • semi-rings with ribs
The panels can be UV-stabilised or non-stabilised.


The panels are connected by diffusion welding with a welding wire or by induction welding. The welds ensure high strength and tightness. The tanks can be made to any dimension as self-supporting constructions (single and multi-chambers, open or closed) or as non-load bearing tanks, which require making a supporting element (metal frame or concrete screed). The panels can also be used as a lining of the existing tanks to ensure their tightness or to provide chemical resistance. The tanks can come with supply or release valves, stacks, venting canals, water level meters, steps etc.

Besides typical tanks we can also make different kinds of containers, boxes, vats, baths and surface lining according to individual needs.

Shapes of tanks:

  • cylindrical
  • cubic
  • other


  • buffer tanks (overflow)
  • industrial tanks (including chemical industry)
  • tubs for galvanising plants or plating shops
  • water meter wells
  • pumping stations
  • capturing tubs

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