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Cookie Policy

Cookie policy
A cookie is a small amount of data, stored in text files, that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Default cookies settings allow to read their information only by the server which send them. Cookies are usually used to monitor users’ activities. Cookies usually consist of the name of the website from which they have been sent, the time they would be stored on the user’s computer, for instance on the hard drive, as well as all the information they collect (like session ID).
1. Cookies may be sent to user’s devices and then used by:
- RK Trade s.c., ul.Podleśna 103 Stróża, 95-020 Andrespol, NIP: 728 27 12 234
- cooperating service companies and advertising agencies (so called third parties cookies)
2. We use cookies for a number of different purposes:
• to adjust the content of our website to user’s preferences and to optimize the use of the website;
• to provide a user with personalised content of the website, thanks to cookies which identify user’s device properly;
• to keep statistics helping us understand how the users use the website and to improve the process;
• to maintain user’s session and to keep service functions operate;
• to provide users with personalised advertising.
3. We use 3 main types of cookies:
• session cookies – temporary cookie files, stored on the user’s device and erased after the user quit his or her browser, log out or exit the website
• persistent cookies – stored on the user’s device for the time specified in their parameters or until deleted manually by the user
• third party cookies – the ones belonging to cooperating service companies, advertising agencies and subcontractors, for example from maps used on the website, from social media. Those files make it possible to personalise adverts to user’s preferences thus using websites becomes adjusted to user’s needs. They also allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising services (for instance counting how many people clicked on specific ad and then were redirected to the page of the advertiser). The information included in third party cookies are managed by the owners of the websites under their privacy policies.
4. We use the following types of cookies:
• strictly necessary cookies, essential for you to browse the website and use its features, for instance for services that need authentication,
• cookies used to maintain user’s session;
• functionality cookies, giving the possibility to remember user’s settings for them to be further personalised, as far as language, region, font type and size, the colour of the website and its interface are concerned, etc;
• performance cookies, collecting information about how the user have used the website;
• advertising cookies providing users with personalised advertising.
5. In most cases software applications for accessing information on websites (for instance web browsers) by default allow cookies to be stored on user’s device. The users of this website can change cookies’ settings at any time on their devices or in the software. These settings may be changed so that the automatic use of cookies in the browser is blocked or the user is notified of each individual time when cookies are submitted. More detailed information on the possibility of using cookies files are available in the application’s settings, for example the browser's settings.
6. The Operator of the Website informs that changing the settings of use of cookies, for example in the browser, may affect some functionalities of the website.
7. Cookies sent to user’s device may also be used by the advertisers and third parties cooperating with the Operator of the Website.
8. Further information on cookies and their functions can be found in your web browser's help section this is often found under the Help Menu.



Cookie Policy

After reading following information, you agree to have your personal data processed in such a way as described in the Privacy Policy. We process your personal data for you to be able to use our services. The data controller of your personal data is: RK Trade s.c. Paweł Rakowski Wojciech Kornacki s.c. ul. Podleśna 103, Stróża, 95-020 If you use our website, we are processing your personal data, including the following: IP address, data we collect from you automatically using cookies or similar technologies saving information on your devices if they allow to identify you. More information about personal data and cookies can be found in the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. Read more.