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We have gathered more than 20 years of experience in constructing high-quality swimming pools, both in Poland and abroad. Over the years, our expert knowledge and know-how, combined with modern technology park, have empowered us to set new trends and the highest standards on the market.
We use complex manufacturing technologies, like 3D modelling, CNC machining and thermoforming to create unique designs. So far, we have never built two identical swimming pools, each and every design remains unique and one of a kind.

The construction of swimming pools.

We provide complex services using high-quality materials from reliable suppliers. We offer you a wide range of swimming pool basins: polypropylene, steel, foil or ceramic, which differ in terms of financial expenses and delivery time, as well as certain properties, e.g. their resistance to damage or the method of building the basin itself.

Hotel swimming pools.

We are experts when it comes to construction of swimming pools for hotels and guesthouses. Our hotel swimming pools can be made of technology, size and in the form of your choice. We choose only materials which are solid, easy to repair and maintain, which means that even after years of being intensively exploited, the pool remains to be flawless and perfect and allows you to still derive pleasure from taking baths.

Designer swimming pools.

Unique solutions. Refined forms finished in all details. These combined with high-quality materials used by leading architectural companies result in exceptional aura of a designer pool. Recommended for those who above all value aesthetic design and raw beauty.

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